Khmer Literacy

Assisting Cambodian parents and children to overcome their language and cultural barriers, Bridging their intergenerational gap, and Strengthening their families


Cambodian Saturday School offers free literacy classes every Saturday. If you are interested in learning to read and write in Khmer, just walk in. Everyone is welcome!. We are curently looking for a facility.


Every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM for children
Every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:00PM for adult class


Hillview Branch Library
1600 Hopkins Drive
San Jose, CA 95122

For more info, please eMail to [email protected]

  • Mr. Sambun Boun


The Cambodian School is a community group that is run by a team of Cambodian teachers, parents, and volunteers. This School is dedicated to providing services that bridge the intergenerational gap between Cambodian parents and children of recent refugee/ immigrant families. Our projects are designed to assist them to overcome their language and cultural barriers and to strengthen their families. Since the early 1990’s, we have been serving hundreds of Cambodian and non- Cambodian students aged 7 to late 20’s throughout the County of Santa Clara.


Sammy Estaniel

Sambun Boun
Deputy Director

Sambo Ouch
Secretary General

Phillip Lim

Ms. Davy Chea

Kas Thon
Sr. Advisor


Mr. Nithya Nine

Kas Thon
(20 years)

Sambun Boun

Mrs Phalarine Yauy

Mr Kim Bun
Ms Prorseut Por


The Cambodian Literacy School of San Jose has been in existence for nearly 20 years. A few Cambodian community volunteers and their associates initiated it. Among the earliest pioneers were Mr. Kas Thon and Mr. Ouk Sophorp. They both were instrumental in organizing this organization. They recognized the needs of the community and acted on it. In late 1999, Mr. Ouk’s health presented many challenges to him, which ultimately forced him to resign. However, he continues to serve as a substitute, mentor, and advisor. Later, Mr. Sarit Bayand his wife, Sophany Bay, joined the team. Under their leadership and direction and with the assistance of many volunteers, the program rose to a new height. After Mr. and Mrs. Bay resigned in early 2000, Bophal Phen assumed the lead responsibility. The assistance of Mr. Kas Thon, a senior teacher and advisor, has helped transformed Khmer Literacy School to formalize a new structure.


  • Mr. Perom Uch
  • Mr. Bophal Phen
  • Mr. Kas Thon
  • Mr. Lok Krou Lee
  • Mr. Paul Lon
  • Mr. Sok Ly Ea
  • Mr. Nepar Pen
  • Mr. Sovandy Hang
  • Ly Ma
  • Nida Nuon
  • Mr. Ouk Sophorp
  • Ms. Monica Pen


Parents for continuous support, encouragement and bringing children to class regularly.
Literacy Staff and volunteers (Mr. and Mrs. Bay (resigned), Kas Thon, Bophal Phen, Richard Seu, Chheng Ang, Vidara Sisophon, Sokly Ea, Vinita Kylin, Dara Kas, Pok Mao, Keo Yim, Jennifer Manith, and other volunteers) for their valuable time and commitment.

Currently, this program has over 100 students and continues to increase every week. The primary goal is to teach children and young adults to speak, read and write Cambodian, as many are beginning to lose their native tongues. Secondly, to preserve and educate Cambodian-Americans about culture, tradition and values, self-identity, history, and literature. More importantly, this program aims to close generation gap by establishing an improved ways of communication between parents and children. In order to satisfy these goals, staff and volunteers have worked meticulously to re-design and tailor the curriculum to meet and accommodate all socio-economic backgrounds. Teachers are continuously trained and encouraged to adapt to new and improved systematic approach of delivering the lessons in a more fun and interactive style. Further, multiple subjects (history, geography, music, sports, etc) are being re-enforced so students will maximize their time. Mannerism is also incorporated in each lesson.

There are five different levels:

  1. Pre-school,
  2. Elementary,
  3. Middle,
  4. High,
  5. College.

Trained and experienced instructors who have many years of teaching experience and credential from Cambodia teach these classes. It is open to the public and has an open enrollment policy. Drop by and register today!!