Perform for l and mine

The fundraising was coordinated by a non-profit newly formed organization that is trying to do their good deed to help landmines victims. The org. is called, Freedom Fields USA (http://www.freedomfieldsusa.org) The org. is trying to raise $200,000 from friends and business people in Carmel and others in the US. They found our dance group through searching around the Cambodian community in San Jose.

Our Dance Troupe performed 3 dances: the Blessing dance and the Coconut Shields dance for the evening of formal dinner with 200 guest at Clint Eastwood Club House on Carmel Golf course, top of the hill. The Freedom Fields USA has about 12 members including Mrs. Dina Eastwood (wife of Clint E).

The organization’s member told Mrs. Chamroeun Yean, Coordinator, that Cambodia was one of their first choice because the world has not paid much attention to this small country but Iraq or some place else. She said the landmine victims in Cambodia need helps badly.” These ladies are very dynamic and devoted. They are taking their busy time in their life to do this just because they want to help.