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In light of the recent development in Southeast Asia and of many issues of great concerns to members of the Southeast Asian American Community, especially the Cambodian American Community, this meeting will serve as an excellent opportunity for a two-way dialogue between the Southeast Asian American Community and a key person of the US government vis-à-vis the US policy towards this region, the issue of deportation to Cambodia, refugee resettlement, economic development and others.

The meeting is sponsored by the Southeast Asian Community Center (SEACC), Nagara Dhama Temple, Inc., San Jose Cambodian Buddhist Society, Cambodian American Resource Agency, Buddhi Khmer Center for Publication & Education, Santa Clara Valley Cambodian Women’s Association and Cambodian Community Development, Inc.

Community memebers: Perom Uch, Chanthoeun To, Layso Lor, Kelvin So,…

The Honorable Charles A. Ray, the US Ambassador to Cambodia. Ambassador entered the US Dept. of State in 1982 & served in Guangzhou & Shenyang, China; Thailand; Freetown, Sierra Leone; and Vietnam (as the US Consul General in Saigon).