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      To Celebrate ...

     CARA's Inside

   Community group's success
   To celebrate His Dedications
   Community Picnic 07/28/01






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To Celebrate Her Dedication to Cambodian Cultural Dance Group of San Jose and local Community

On behalf of CARA, I would like to express our thanks to you for your positive involvement in the Cambodian Cultural Dance Group of San Jose and for your contribution to the local Cambodian community.

Your friendly personality and helpful attitude help make the dance group to be a more lively and fun session for participants at each practice. Sometimes complements from peers are reflections of one that is being appreciated. And in your case, I have heard many. You will be missed in the dance group and in the community.

As you move on, I wish you much success and hope you will continue to make positive contribution to the community wherever you go."

------- said, President Phillip Lim ----



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