The Game of Angkunh

(Cambodian Frizbee with a Fruit)

The angkunh is a fruit that grows on trees found in the provinces of Stung Treng and Kratie. It is round with two flat sides and a diameter of about six centimetres. When ripe, it has a hard skin and turns the colour of mahogany.

The game of angkunk requires several players with two mixed teams of young boys and girls. Each participant takes turn to throw the fruit, frizbee or free style, into the opponent’s area- a triangle made from three angkunh stuck into the ground. A goal is scored when a player knocks over all the angkunhs or when an angkunh lands in the triangle. The victor wins the right to gently tap the loser’s bent knee with the two flat sides of the fruit-the sound of which is a source of much amusement.