The Cambodian American Resource Agency (CARA) was founded in 1998 by a group of Cambodian-American professionals and community members who had a deep interest in the uniting the local Khmer community. The mission of CARA is to help initiate and provide support for community-based events involving the Khmer community in order to increase recognition and raise awareness of the Khmer culture. CARA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and its programs are funded in part by a number of renewable grants.

CARA, as an organization has had a very active and involved presence within the Cambodian-American community. The involvement of the group has spanned a wide variety of community-based programs that include the Khmer Dance Class, the Khmer Language School, Khmer Wedding Tradition, Active Listening and numerous other workshops that help to promote cultural awareness among the local community members. Other workshops that are planned for the future and target the younger generation include Khmer Culture for Today’s Youth and College Awareness. Since it’s founding, CARA took a number of leadership roles in organizing the annual Khmer New Year Celebration. CARA brings together organizations throughout the county of Santa Clara to help plan and carry out a number of celebrations.

CARA is an umbrella organization consisting of board members representing local community groups and organizations. Currently, the board of directors includes six individuals with various professional and academic backgrounds. All board members, including officers are volunteers and do not receive any material or monetary compensation. The make-up of CARA’s board is quite diverse, ranging from young professionals handling a full-time job and active family life, to retired professionals who continue to contribute to the community. All chose to set aside time and commit resources from their busy schedules to help give back to the community in their own individual capacity.

• Mr. Phillip Lim, • Ms. Bodavy Boun, • Mr. Paul Prom , • Mrs. Leslie Kim, • Mrs. Deva Ok, • Chamroeun Yean, • Bodavy K. Boun, • Paul Prom

   CARA’s Officers

Phillip Lim, President
Phillip Lim

My name is Phillip Lim. I was born in Kompong Cham, Cambodia in 1966. I survived the Khmer Rouge regime through the 1970’s and emigrated from Cambodia to the United States in 1981. It has been a long journey since then.

So let me fast-forward my story to the present day. I have been living in the Bay Area since 1991 and have been volunteering for the local Cambodian community off and on since 1992. I have been with the CARA organization since 1999 and enjoy working with a group of talented and warm hearted people.

Professionally, I currently work for a Silicon Valley high tech company as an engineer. I enjoy working in this field and have built it as a career for the past 17 years. This is my life in a breath. If you like to know more about me, please send me an email to

Paul Prom

Mr. Prom has been involved in the community with a goal of promoting and preserving the Khmer culture and promoting interactions and understanding among people of Khmer heritage and those who bear interest in Cambodia and/or her culture and people. He has been involving with community for many years..

Mr. Prom is an engineer working for high tech company in the Bay Area.

Bodavy Boun
Bodavy K. Boun

Mrs. Boun has been financial supporter for CARA for many years. Her daughers and son are dancers in the dance group. She has also been a part of the dance troupe as a volunteer helper. She comes from a long history of community service taking part while her father who worked with Watt San Jose until 2012.

She graduated from San Jose State University. She has been a insurance agent professionally serving mostly Cambodians in the Bay Area for over decade.

   FORMER BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Officiers, Coordinators- Since 1998

Formers CARA Boards, Officers, Coordinators
  • Ms. Davy Chea
  • Mr. Chanthoeun To
  • Mr. Perom Uch
  • Mr. Rithy Hang
  • Ms. Usha Welaratna
  • Thana Kong
  • Mr. Sambath Sim
  • Mr. Sarit Bay
  • Mr. Kent Khauv
  • Mr. Sam Keo
  • Mr. Darith Khay
  • Ms. Chamroeun Yean
  • Mr. Savouth Chea
  • Mr. Kaine Lim
  • Ms. Nalin Sar,
  • Mr. Nithya Nine
  • Mr. Robert Lor
  • Mr. Kelvin So