CARA is the main catalyst for many Cambodian American Community programs and activities, including our Khmer New Year Celebration, Khmer Literacy Programs, and a number of other culturally rich and community based activites.

   Community Programs

FREE Cambodian Cultural Dance Classes in San Jose Bay Area, Northern California. 

Everyone is welcomed specially those young friends age 5 and up, young adults, and all adults who wish to learn the Cambodian culture dances. Classes are free of charge. All students will perform the dances for the Community Khmer New Year Festival.


Assisting Cambodian parents and children to overcome their language and cultural barriers, Bridging their intergenerational gap, and Strengthening their families. Cambodian Saturday School offers free literacy classes every Saturday. If you are interested in learning to read and write in Khmer, just walk in. Everyone is welcome!. We are curently looking for a facility.

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 History of Cambodia

What to Buy in Cambodia

Whether you’re a traveler or local Cambodian, it’s impossible to resist the temptation to buy some of the most exciting and culturally-rich souvenirs from Cambodia. Travelers will have to create extra space in their bags for Cambodia’s artistic yet modern items.

First and foremost, getting that most talked about silk scarf should probably on the top of your list. And if you really want to feel the essence of Cambodian locality, get the traditional Krama scarf, which comes in cotton and silk. Furthermore, you could get your hands on countless landscape portraits in Phnom Penh.

And if you want to feel close to the history of Cambodia, you should know that travelers love to buy stone and wood carvings. Also, you would not want to go back without tasting Kampot pepper, which is used by renowned chefs all around the world.

Travelers and locals alike love the palm sugar products from countryside sugar palm trees. Additionally, you could also get traditional silver, lacquerware, woven mats, Mekong quilts, and custom designed jewelry as souvenirs when you are in the country.

The Rise of Waist Bags

The choice to call it a belt bag, waist bag or just a fanny pack is up to you, but the fact of the matter is that they’re back in style. They’ve recently garnered a lot of attention on the streets of Cambodia.

The days of carrying a thong bag that was designed from polyester are over. Today, they’re made out of leather, suede, velvet, and satin. And keep in mind the more you’re distant from fabrics like nylon, the more you’ll look stylish with a leather fanny pack.

Besides, they come at a cheap price range that literally anyone can afford and have an extensive range of colors selection.

Thong bags have are now practical and uniqueness products that was once considered weird. No wonder it’s the leading fashion trend in not just Cambodia, but all over the world. What’s more is the fact that these bags have received critical acclaim from stars, like Rihanna, Beyonce and Paris Hilton.

There’s a good chance that you might feel a little overwhelmed considering there are so many varieties in the market. So, if you’re looking for cute fanny packs or something more upbeat in style, here are some of the choices that could save you a lot of time and money.